Virtual Care

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by Maria-Hélèna Pacelli Sara Shearkhani

Caring for caregivers: How a phone call can change everything

Canadian caregivers save our healthcare system the equivalent of more than $30 billion every year by providing more than 80 per cent of the care within our communities, yet they remain vulnerable to the impacts of caregiver stress and burnout they commonly experience.

by Dominik Alex Nowak

The future of virtual care is in relationships

by Helen Senderovich

Virtual care promises a future of abundance

by Jean Sugarbroad-Keele

We must protect the elderly as we move to virtual care

by Allison Crawford Gillian Strudwick David Wiljer

Adding a human touch to virtual care

by Allison Crawford

Compassionate care in a virtual world

by Joshua Tepper

We Can’t Go Back

by Sacha Bhatia Will Falk Trevor Jamieson Carole Piovesan James Shaw

Virtual health care is having its moment. Rules will be needed.

by Sacha Bhatia Will Falk Joshua Tepper Janine McCready

Responding to the Coronavirus: Building capacity through virtual care

by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Drew Cumpson

Why can’t you access your health record online?

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Maureen Taylor

Doctor on demand apps let you skip the waiting room. But experts urge caution

by Wendy Glauser Joshua Tepper Michael Nolan

The future of mental health care? Apps promise to treat anxiety and prevent suicide

by Wendy Glauser Michael Nolan Andrew Remfry

Telemedicine on the rise across Canada

by Meera Rayar Joshua Tepper Michelle Stasiuk Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch

Why can’t you email your doctor?

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