Why can’t you access your health record online?

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  1. Justin

    Essentia Health in Minnesota uses the same electronic medical record company as Women’s College Hospital, yet the Essentia Health patient portal is far more advanced than ours. I would like to see Canada catch up to the United States in terms of quality of the patient electronic medical record.

  2. Judy

    Wasn’t Infoway supposed to establish an integrated EHR system? Why has it taken so long, and cost so much, with such poor results?

  3. James

    Medchart out of Toronto has been working within Canadian hospitals for several years now but I did not see them mentioned above. They are bringing patient access requests online and modernizing hospital health records departments in several Ontario Hospitals to allow health records to be released digitally. For patients, medchart consolidates a secure online patient-owned health record from all of an individual’s healthcare providers and empowers them to control, share, and connect their data. This is available nationally to all Canadians today and has already provided patients with online access to health records from thousands of healthcare providers across every province.

    (disclosure I work at medchart)

  4. Filip Rolland

    100% that we as patients should have access to our medical records. This way we can get second opinions or even review the information for ourselves. It’s great that organizations like MedChart are coming along that now allow you to request your records from all these various portals.

  5. Chad Leaver (Canada Health Infoway)

    Excellent summative piece! Please check out Canada Health Infoway’s latest national study: Valuing citizen online access to their health information and digital health e-services here: https://www.infoway-inforoute.ca/en/component/edocman/resources/reports/benefits-evaluation/3552-valuing-canadians-secure-access-to-their-health-information-and-digital-health-eservices?Itemid=101. The study identifies evience informed value-based outcomes for patients and the health system using 2016-2017 national utilization rates of four PHR-Functionalities: eView, eVisit, eRx renew – and virtual visits.

    Recent articles highlighting virtual visits and patient access to lab results in BC – and other Canadian-based studies in the field are published in an e-Collection of peer-reviewed articles on JMIR: http://www.jmir.org/themes/160.

    Thanks for bringing this timely insight to the value of citizen’s online access to their health information!

  6. Malcolm Brigden

    Millions of dollars spent, and yet this fundamental right is not available to Canadian citizens-who are these people that we allow to control us in this fashion-the healthcare system is fully funded out of the taxes we pay-it’s because we as Canadians are such docile non-complainers that these sorts of imbecilic situations are allowed to persist

    Malcolm Brigden

  7. mary ann

    canada should get onboard. It makes people more aware of their health and easier way to keep up. The password keeps everything and everyones info safe.

  8. Fred

    I have been registered in Nova Scotia @ MY HEALTH NS for several years, but, still have no access to my records. Not all Doctors are registering or participating. Why is there not one registry for ALL Nova Scotia health records and allow us to have access to our records. Not everyone will or will be able to use such access, but, those of us who want it and can use it should have access …. without having to go through your medical care provider.

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