Dental Care

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by Sandor J. Demeter

Your teeth can reveal how much radiation you’ve been exposed to

Ontario Tech scientists team with dentists to measure life-long radiation exposure in people living close to nuclear power plants.

by Anna Durbin Stephen Abrams Ian McConnachie Janet Durbin

Canada’s dental program only matters if it gets children into dental offices

The Canadian government recently committed to implementing a national public dental program. This benefit is an important first step. But we need education and outreach to ensure that kids in particular are getting the regular access and dental care they need.

by Jacquie Maund Hazel Stewart

Private dental care fails millions in Ontario

by Wendy Glauser Timothy Caulfield

Is wisdom teeth removal really warranted?

by Wendy Glauser Sachin Pendharkar Timothy Caulfield

Should Canadian communities continue to fluoridate water?

by Paul Taylor

How many dental X-rays are too many?

by Irfan Dhalla

Thanks for paying to have my teeth cleaned

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