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by Larry W. Chambers Hanna Levy Eva Liu

Be wary of ‘game-changers:’ Use drugs wisely and safely

by Ahsan Irfan

The government should not take over the manufacturing of critical care drugs

The issue of drug shortages is a critical one and deserves a sober, evidence-based policy discussion by governments and experts. Generic drug manufacturing should not be nationalized for three reasons.

by Saad Ahmed

The government must take over the manufacturing of critical care drugs

This pandemic, like the Spanish flu at the height of the Progressive era, is a chance for a burst of creativity in policy-making and a commitment to building new institutions. 

by Cynthia Leung

Vague recall process poses potential harm

by Rishi Bansal Rishad Khan Michael Scaffidi Nikko Gimpaya Samir C. Grover

We must address conflicts of interest to protect our integrity

by Ahmed Bagit Kashif Pirzada

Drug Shortages: The next crisis in the pandemic

by Michael Fralick John Fralick Kieran Quinn Emily Hughes

Rapid Fire: Respirology (And welcome back Drs. Kieran Quinn and Emily Hughes!)

by Geetanjalee Sadi Maureen Taylor

Five things you should know about penicillin allergies

by Gillian Kolla Nanky Rai Andrea Sereda Jessica Hales

Urgent call on clinicians: Prescribe alternatives to poisoned drug supply

by Christopher Guiliano Insaf Mohamad Kieran Quinn Ahmed Jakda

Slow Motion: Magnesium in Afib and Fall-Related Injuries with Sleep Aids

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