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by Ysabelle Tumaneng

My Salvation

Where is Salvation?

by Amelia Thompson

It was the year 2020…

I lost two years of my youth when the pandemic began; something that started as a nice break from school quickly ended in loss of memories.

by Andy Zhang-Ren

Amateur time-travelling

I’m sure we all have intrusive thoughts, what the French call “l'appel du vide,” and at the top of the route, all I could think about was unclipping myself.

by Aysha Martin

Waking memories

Everything is different, the bed, the walls, the layout and smell of the house, but so familiar at the same time? I miss that.

by Bee Cooper


I learned the meaning of the word “quarantine” today, and a new meaning to the word “isolation.”

by Charlotte Blissitt

A good way to heal

The hardest part was feeling like there was nothing you could do to help.

by Chloe Fabalena

Making the most of each day

I felt as if the breather that the pandemic and isolation gave me was not a break, but a limitation on the person I knew I could become.

by Flor Angela Diaz

Evolving with COVID

I feel I have overcome and survived the wrath of COVID although the reality is, it’s not temporary, it’s indefinite.

by Emily Hull


My hands just callous instead of scarring, so it’s alright. I can still make coffee, clean the counter and smile politely when I get screamed at.

by Precious Alabi


I was paranoid and anxious because of the news I had seen about the virus on social media, which was my news outlet at that time.

by Paige Wallace

My experience during the pandemic

What even was a pandemic? There’s no way that this can last any longer than March break, right?

by Mojann Zibapour

Do Svidaniya

Collective horror but we’re so alone. Feeling like I was the only one. No matter how much I rebuild

by Marzia Rahman

3 years robbed

Three years that should have been high school. Turned out as a mean few years that I’ll never get back

Impacts on an ordinary schoolgirl

I’m thankful to be able to walk through Vancouver and breathe in the fresh air, feel the cool, crisp wind on my face without it being hidden by a mask.

Missed opportunity

Being allowed to play again felt like such luxury. We were finally returning to some normalcy.

by Harshika Lumare


When will it end? When can I feel whole? Do I only continue to chase these standards? But what if I falter? I fall below?

Two sides of a coin

It was the twenty third, The people heard, That things would be changing. At home we would stay, For at least 28 days, History in the making.

by Sania Sami

Infected Sugar Cookies

What even was a pandemic? There’s no way that this can last any longer than March break, right?

by Srushhti Trivedi

Finding home in myself

What even was a pandemic? There’s no way that this can last any longer than March break, right?

by Tianna Gao

What the pandemic has taught me

I have gained a newfound appreciation for enduring failures, overcoming challenges and celebrating success as part of maintaining accountability to myself.

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