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by Françoise Baylis Martha Paynter

COVID-19 reaffirms that abortion is an essential service

by Kara Grace Hounsell Marcella Jones Melanie Spence Nisha Kansal Thrmiga Sathiyamoorthy

Post-COVID-19, we must fight to keep healthcare for all

by Clara Pasieka Tebasum Durrani

Disconnected: Ontario prisoners lack basic phone access

by Amy Wah Sandra Ka Hon Chu Ryan Peck Cécile Kazatchkine

Why HIV testing needs informed consent

by Sabah Khan Ngozi Iroanyah Chika Oriuwa

Do patients with mental illness receive sub-standard care in hospital?

by Conor Lavelle Madeline McDonald

Freezing to death on the sidewalk in Toronto

by Dafna Izenberg Chika Oriuwa Maureen Taylor

Why is there a gender wage gap in Canadian medicine?

In Canada, there is very limited published data comparing earnings by gender, and many people question how a wage gap is possible in a system where the primary payment model is fee-for-service.

by Wilson Kwong Francine Buchanan Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith

Why do people have to wait 12 years for an ethnic nursing home?

by ... Shannon Ruzycki

The idea that medicine is above sexism is false—and destructive

The idea that medicine is above sexism and gender discrimination results in burnout and perpetuates inequity, distracting us from acknowledging and addressing the barriers that continue to exist.

by Paul Bunce Kieran Quinn Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani Matthew Stanbrook

Bugs & Drugs: Antibiotics in Aspiration Pneumonia, Choosing Wisely in Cellulitis Evaluation, and Demystifying the Editorial Process

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