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by Max Binks-Collier

YouTuber ViolinMD explains why she’s demystifying health care online

Siobhan Deshauer is a fourth-year rheumatology resident who makes videos about health care. We interviewed her about training to be a doctor, her channel, and more.

by Seema Marwaha

Keeping pace with a changing landscape

Healthy Debate first launched 10 years ago. Today we relaunch, redesigned and reimagined. But the changes go beyond cosmetics.

by Pooja Gandhi Arnav Agarwal

Health Care in Hues: Our Wild Ride

The pandemic continues to dominate medical, public health, economic and societal scenes internationally, and many countries are continuing to experience the multi-faceted adverse effects of COVID-19.

by Kieran Quinn Emily Hughes Grace Zhao Wilson Kwong Daniel Marinescu Sheliza Halani Emilio Flores Garcia

The Grand Finale of The Rounds Table

by Wendy Glauser Vanessa Milne Andreas Laupacis

Looking back on our biggest stories of 2015

by Annie Wang Jennifer Peng Anthony Maher

Season 2 Promo: “Good Stuff” from our great new team

by Healthy Debate Staff

Please help us evaluate The Rounds Table

by Andreas Laupacis

Big changes coming to Healthy Debate

by Karen Born Andreas Laupacis Jeremy Petch

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